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1. Projects drafting

Preparation of a project within the framework of a european call based on an idea or need of our customers:

What do we do?

– Listen to your idea .
– Search for the most appropiate call .
– Development of the idea to adapt it to the call.
Drafting of the proposal.
Partnership search.
– Management of the administrative documentation .
Budget preparation.
Proposal submission.
Follow-up of the proposal until its resolution.

What can you achieve?

– Knowledge of the funding possibilities for your idea.
– Information about the requirements to obtain funding.
– Finding of appropiate partners through our contacts´ network throughout europe.
– A defined work plan to submit the project in a timely manner.
– Availability of a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience that will accompany you from the begining to the end of the project.
– Submission of a qualitative and competitive proposal.
– Assistance throughout our contacts´ network for the negotiation of the project with the management authority.


2. Projects searching

Technical support to facilitate the participation in european projects and initiatives as a partner in the most appropiate programme:

What do we do?

– Identification of the priorities of your organization for international collaboration.
Check of the programs to fund your priorities.
– Design of a work plan to opt to different european funding.
Advice on the identification of feasibility projects.
Intermediation in the relationship with leaders and project partners.
– Support on economic and administrative processing of the requested documentation.

What can you achieve?

– Information about funding opportunities for your oganization.
– Better positioning of your organization at national and international level.
– Expert advice to increase your chances of success.
– Financing for your goals.
– New collaboration opportunities.


3. Project management

Technical support to facilitate project management: preparation of reports, actions monitoring, intermediation with the european commission and management of consortiums

What do we do?

– Assistance in the preparation of the grant agreement.
– Support in the work planification throughout the project.
– Monitoring and evaluation of technical and financial execution of actions.
– Elaboration of the requested monitoring reports.
– Preparation and organization of the steering committees.
– Assistance in the managment of the consortium.
– Intermediation in the comunication with the management authority.
– Organization and promotion of the communication and dissemination of the project.
– Development of communication events and networking.
– Assesment of the achievement of resuts and monitoring of indicators.

What can you achieve?

– Clear definition of the obligation and acquired rights.
– A defined work plan to implement the project in a timely manner.
– Proper execution of the actions of your project.
– Control over the budget and project expenses.
– Achievement of the expected results with the best quality levels.
– Compliance with the obligations agreed upon with the funding body on periodic information and control of expenses.
– Fluid communication with your partners and organization.
– Compliance with the compliance of the visibility requirements of the call.
– Multiply the knowledge about your project.

dossier eurovertice financing services

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