New Horizon 2020 programme and EIC calls

New Horizon 2020 programme and EIC calls

New Horizon 2020 programme and EIC calls

At a little bit less than one year and a half to go until the end of the Horizon 2020 Programme, there are still multitude of opportunities for companies that want to participate in collaborative research and development projects in various themes. 

The first consortia proposals with project ideas are beginning to emerge in search of industrial partners with whom to collaborate and build excellent proposals that will be submitted to the January and February 2020 calls for proposals, on topics as interesting as:

Nanotechnology, Materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, looking for the technologies of the future that will revolutionize the different industrial sectors.

Information and Communication Technologies, to work on 5G technology, artificial intelligence or Blockchain.

Sustainable Agriculture and Bioeconomics, with projects on improving systems that result in healthier food while caring for the environment, and opportunities for collaboration with Africa.

Integrated and environmentally friendly intelligent transport, where to work for the transport of the future, sustainable and with low emissions and addressing mobility as a whole.

Climate Change and Resource Efficiency, to address emission reductions, adaptation to climate change and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Within Horizon 2020, innovative companies that want to develop new services or disruptive products can also find the necessary funding to bring their innovation to the market within the European Innovation Council (EIC) initiative, which includes initiatives such as Accelerator (former SME Instrument) or Fast Track to Innovation.

Under the umbrella of the EIC, all aid for SMEs and innovators who develop high-risk innovation but with great market potential and who provide agile financing in all stages from the idea to the market launch and business scaling, thus being a one-stop shop for financing innovation is grouped together.

Whether you want to participate in collaborative projects or develop an innovation under the umbrella of the EIC, SMEs in the Region of Murcia can count on the help of Cheque-Europa, offered by the Instituto de Fomento, which subsidizes consultancy costs to start participating in European Projects.

At EuroVértice we help and accompany companies on their journey to innovation, we have specialisation in innovation, consultants specialising in the Horizon 2020 programme and several success stories in the various programme modalities.

If you are interested in participating in Horizon 2020, take advantage of the latest calls by contacting us.

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