Keys from EuroVértice for 2019 Life Programme Call

Keys from EuroVértice for 2019 Life Programme Call

Keys from EuroVértice for 2019 Life Programme Call

Last April was published the 2019 call of the UE LIFE Programme for the Environment and Climate Action of the, which has an allocation of € 1,657 million for the period 2018-2020.

Eurovértice has extensive experience in the LIFE Programme, which can be consulted in the services section and in the list of projects. If you want to count on us you can get in touch through this link.

Sub-programmes and priority areas

The LIFE programme is divided into two sub-programmes, one for environment and one for climate action. For each sub-programme there are three priority areas stablished and each one has different Policy areas. Every policy area contains the work areas which has to be addressed by the projects.

Environment sub-programme

  • Environment and resource efficiency (ENV-RE).
  • Nature and biodiversity (NAT, BIO).
  • Environmental governance and information (GIE).

The submission of proposals to the Environment subprogram is carried out in two phases. Phase 1: June 2019 (Concept Note), phase 2:  September 2019 (full proposal).

Climate action sub-programme

  • Climate change mitigation (CCM)
  • Climate change adaptation (CCA)
  • Climate governance and information (GIC)

The submission of proposals to the Climate action sub-programme is carried out in a single phase: September 2019 (full proposal).

Types of projects and financing

Depending on the type of project and the priority area, there are different percentages of financing:

1. Nature and Biodiversity (Projects of best practices, pilot and demonstration): 60% – 75%

2. Environmental solutions and technologies, efficiency in the use of resources (Pilot and demonstration projects): 55%

3. Mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change (Projects of best practices, pilot and demonstration): 55%

4. Governance and Information in the areas of climate change and the environment (Information, awareness and dissemination projects): 55%

The remaining percentage of the total eligible costs of the project must be covered with the own resources of the project partners as co-financing rate.

Main 2019 call novelties: policy & work areas for Climate Change Mitigation

Below we present the novelties regarding the 2019 call novelties for Mitigation to Climate Change

Policy areasWork areas
F-Gases gases and ODS, implementation of the Montreal Protocol and its Kigali amendment and the EU regulation on F-gases.Reclamation and recycling.
Resilience of infrastructure, blue-green infrastructure, ecosystem-based approaches.Assessing the vulnerability and enhancing resilience of public infrastructures.
Water: drought-prone areas, flood and coastal management.Urban and rural drainage systems improvements. Prevention of saltwater intrusion and fresh water loss in coastal areas. Improvement of rainwater management and resilience to drought.
Agriculture, forestry and tourism (including islands and mountain areas).Adaptation of agriculture to the effects of climate change. Prevention and containment of invasive species linked to climate change.
Outermost regions: preparedness for extreme weather events.Improving resilience of ecosystem to climate impacts, notably precipitation variability and drought.
Best practices and awareness activities addressing adaptation needs.Enhancing the adaptation knowledge base for land use and planning, particularly in remote or isolated regions. Application of climate change risk assessments at the stages of the infrastructure’s life cycle.

Budget of the projects

There is no fixed minimum size for the project budget. From large projects that have a budget of more than 5 Mill. of total costs, to smaller projects (~ 500,000 €)


There is no pre-determined project duration for a LIFE project. The project duration must correspond to what is necessary to complete all of the project’s action and to reach all its objectives. Most projects last between two and five years.

Deadlines to submit projects in the main areas and budget by priority area

AreaDeadline (Concept Note)Deadline (Full proposal)Budget 2019
Climate 12-sept-19 ~€ 58 M
Environment and resource efficiency 17-jun-19 Feb-2020 ~€ 78 M
Nature and biodiversity 19-jun-19 Feb-2020 ~€ 128 M
Environmental governance and information 19-jun-19 Feb-2020 ~€ 9 M
Integrated projects (Environment) 5-sept-19 12-mar-2020 ~€ 95 M
Integrated projects (Climate) 5-sept-19 12-mar-2020 ~€ 26 M

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