Kairos and Cities4CSR boosting Urbact and the Environment

Kairos and Cities4CSR boosting Urbact and the Environment

Kairos and Cities4CSR boosting Urbact and the Environment

This week the results of the last call of the European URBACT Programme have been published, in which the Region of Murcia has managed to participate with two projects in which EuroVértice has collaborated in its preparation and presentation together with two municipalities from Murcia.

On the one hand, the City Council of Mula has risen as the leader of one of the 23 URBACT projects approved throughout Europe and one of the 3 projects approved for Spain, along with the cities of Vic and Barcelona. The project called KAIRÓS is intended to represent a moment of change, from the degraded and hopeless to regeneration and the vision of the future. It will enhance the heritage of historic cities in decline – including environmental – by developing strategies for small and medium-sized European cities aimed at economic and social cohesion and inclusion. KAIRÓS promotes the transnational exchange of experiences in order to design an innovative urban planning methodology, helping cities to face the presence of degraded cultural areas. In this project, the cities of Belene in Bulgaria, Heraklion in Greece, Šibenik in Croatia, Catania and Cesena both in Italy, Ukmerge in Lithuania, Bragança in Portugal will be partners. On the other hand, the City Council of Molina de Segura participates as a partner in a project led by the City Council of Milan. The approved project called Cities4CRS will develop comprehensive municipal strategies to promote and stimulate corporate responsibility in urban areas, with an impact on different areas, one of which is the urban environment. The partners Molina de Segura will work with are Sofia and Vratsa in Bulgaria, Nantes Metropole in France, Rijeka in Croatia, Budaors in Hungary, Kekava in Latvia, Guimarães in Portugal and Bratislava in Slovakia.

At EuroVértice we have an area of specialisation called Territorial Development and we work on different Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategies that are financed by ERDF funds as well as the URBACT Programme.

For more information: Territorial Development, URBACT

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