Innovation facilitating companies participation to EU projects

Innovation facilitating companies participation to EU projects

Innovation facilitating companies participation to EU projects

Innovation in companies is a cornerstone for their development.

Whether it is large or small, products or services, rural or urban, any company with a vocation to endure and have a niche in the market must innovate. Innovate in the sense of creating new ideas or solutions.

With the aim of promoting cooperative R+D+i of companies and encouraging their innovative culture at EuroVértice we have initiated an open innovation process in which, with the help of the Prismático consultancy firm and using tools such as co-creation or design thinking, we are working with companies to define collaboration models that promote and facilitate their participation in European projects.

An Open Innovation process in which clients, users, suppliers or external agents are recognised for their creative and knowledge capacity to add value to the company.

The experience is being very positive because working directly with potential customers allows us to validate or correct the type of proposals we make and base them on the real needs and expectations it has.

The co-creation process reduces the risk of failure, increases profitability and establishes contact with other professional profiles, has a positive effect on companies’ resources, avoids making wrong decisions based on assumptions as well as unnecessary expenditure of time, money and energy that can lead to conflicts.

The prototype that we are designing will be tested in the coming months and we hope to be able to encourage companies in our environment to participate in European projects and thus encourage the creation and transfer of knowledge, support their economic and knowledge capacities and their integration into the global economy, promote cooperative and multidisciplinary R+D+i, encourage the creation and participation in networks and encourage innovative culture.

If you are interested in knowing our prototype do not hesitate to contact us.

The Open Innovation project developed by EuroVértice is part of the programme for contracting innovation services called «Innovation Check». The aim of this programme, managed by the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia, is to encourage regional SMEs to hire advanced consultancy and technical assistance services. These grants are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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