EuroVertice will work to improve enviromental management and colaborate against climate change with wine producers of the Region of Murcia through LIFE Sarmiento project

Recently the Project LIFE Sarmiento has been approved by the European Commission. It is going to be coordinated by Microgaia Biotech, a company established in Murcia. EuroVértice and Virgen del Rosario Cooperative are going to be associated partners. The duration of the Project will be 51 months and it will have a budget of 835.020 euros, with a 60% co-funding rate.

20160831 Co2

The project will work to reduce CO2 emissions in the vineyards of the region. These emissions are produced by the burning of prunings, as farmers have not found a better solution so far. The project proposes the conversion of these prunings in substrates for soil improvement using more efficient composting techniques based on the use of microorganisms. In addition, a system of wine shoots collection, management and distribution of the substrate will be established at a very low cost. This substrate will be used also in urban gardens and seedbeds.

EuroVértice will be responsible for project monitoring, which plans to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 85%, as well as designing the transfer strategy of the solution to other European cooperatives, and the communication of results to achieve a wide replicability of the technologies developed, involving users to manage the system on their own (with training activities, outreach events, etc.).

We will keep you informed of the progress of this project, which expects to achieve positive effects on climate change mitigation, the improvement of soil conditions and a greener land management.
20160831 Sarmiento

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