EuroVértice in the EU Greenweek

EuroVértice in the EU Greenweek

“Green Jobs for a Greener Future” is the slogan chosen for this new edition of the EU Green Week 2017, which will bring initiatives from around the world to share their experiences of sustainable work within a circular economy model.

EuroVértice participates in this meeting as we are currently developing different projects in line with the new guidelines set by European environmental policies. More and more guidelines are being developed for the creation of a new circular utilization model to keep the value of products, materials, and resources in the economy for as long as possible and thus, minimize the generation of waste.

This new approach is generating important changes in the European economy, including the labor market. Despite the economic crisis of recent years; according to the organization, the environmental goods and services sector has created new jobs, with a growing demand for new types of “green skills” in different European professional sectors. An issue that will be dealt with extensively from 29 May to 2 June at EU Green Week, participated by companies looking for new sustainable business models, expanding their markets, and adapting innovative solutions for efficient use of resources.


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