EuroVértice expert in UIA supports Lorca Open City

EuroVértice expert in UIA supports Lorca Open City

Urban Innovative Actions is a European Initiative that helps cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to implement breakthrough solutions to meet the main challenges facing European cities and which offers 80% funding for projects up to 6 millions of euros. EuroVértice specializes in this program and other calls for integrated urban development, as we have a multidisciplinary and innovative team in the social, environmental, energy and urban areas.

The City of Lorca has relied on EuroVértice for the preparation and presentation of the Open City project within the priority of immigrants and refugees and that fosters coexistence and shared spaces. Yesterday, we worked with the University of Murcia, Cepaim, Cruz Roja Lorca, Cazalla Intercultural, partners in the project and all the key players in the intervention area, we analyzed the main aspects of the project presented based on co-writing with contributions expressed by all participants and more than 30 collectivities in the area and the experiences and knowledge of the participating partners who together with EuroVértice collaborated in this joint project.

In this second call, 206 proposals have been submitted, less than in the previous one that were 378 and has a similar budget to the previous one in which 17 projects were approved. The proposed date to communicate results is October 2017 and there are still 3 new calls that will take place in the coming years and in which we hope to continue working.

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