EuroVértice continues its commitment to the environment

EuroVértice continues its commitment to the environment and has made great achievements during 2019.

During 2019, the staff has reduced the fuel consumption in internal work trips per hours worked in a 13,10% and the correspondent reduction of CO2 emissions. The energy savings of the office per worked hour has increased are more than 15%.

In addition, the paper consumption has been reduced in more than 30% and printings have been cut in half despite the increase in the workforce, which shows the success of the paper saving policy established in the organization.

These achievements have been made thanks to the promotion of teleworking, the establishment of the non-split working day and the good environmental practices established in the company and adopted by the total staff of EuroVértice. High staff involvement and awareness has also caused a great reduction of plastic bottles consumption: every worker has a reusable bottle and, more important, it is used daily.

The impact of EuroVértice’s environmental policies reaches a regional and European framework. In Compete4SECAP European project EuroVértice has contributed to the energy savings in four municipalities in the Region of Murcia by promoting changes in their habits in their workplaces.

During 2019, Ceutí, Cieza, Las Torres de Cotillas and Murcia have participated in an energy efficiency competition at European level in which three buildings of each municipality have been involved. During the competition an energy saving of 193,766 kWh has been achieved, which means a saving of 6.80% regarding past annuities and a reduction of more than 65 tCO2, the equivalent of more than 517,000 km avoided by car.

At European level, EuroVértice has collaborated jointly with the other project partners in the development of a guide for the transition from SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) to SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan), in order to include the vital aspects of adaptation to climate change in the municipalities certified by ISO 50001 standard, in the implementation of an Energy Management System for municipalities, as well as in the elaboration of a guide where local governments find financial opportunities to implement measures in order to continue fighting against climate change.

EuroVértice continues with the improvement of the environmental impacts of the organization through its Environmental Management System certified by ISO 14001 standard and working on the analysis of new ways to increase its efficiency.

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