EuroVértice combats climate change through the LIFE Adaptate Project

EuroVértice combats climate change through the LIFE Adaptate Project

EuroVértice combats climate change through the LIFE Adaptate Project

The LIFE Adaptate project, part of the LIFE Programme of the European Union and with the participation of Eurovértice, aims to contribute to the adaptation of European countries to climate change through action at local level and specifically in cities.

The levels of greenhouse gases (or directly CO2) have grown exponentially and there is evidence that the global temperature of the planet will continue to rise year after year, making climate change the greatest challenge facing humanity in all its history. Such is the situation, that the scientific community has already warned that we have reached a point of no return, that is to say, that we will not be able to avoid suffering the impacts caused by this change in atmospheric conditions.

Eurovértice is currently immersed in one of them: LIFE Adaptate, a project born with the mission that six municipalities and specifically six pilot cities from three European countries – Águilas, Lorca and Cartagena in Spain, Smiltene in Latvia, and Alfândega da Fé and Mertola in Portugal – take measures to adapt to climate change and increase their commitment to the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

In order to do this, EuroVértice provides its know-how to these municipalities to develop local adaptation plans integrated into their Action Plans for Climate and Sustainable Energy (SECAP), which also include their own objectives for mitigating climate change by reducing carbon emissions through more efficient use of energy and the use of renewable resources. At the same time, EuroVértice takes an integrated approach to the fight against climate change, taking advantage of the synergies that may arise between mitigation and adaptation actions.

The project will develop pilot actions to demonstrate local adaptation and measure their effects on the urban environment. Thus, once validated, they can be applied in other European areas, increasing experience and knowledge of adaptation actions.

Through these actions, EuroVértice helps municipalities to meet the European Union’s 2030 targets, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by improving energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy.

To this end, Eurovértice will develop an innovative participative methodology to carry out the SECAP of these municipalities. At this moment, the municipalities are already in the contracting phase to implement pilot actions for adaptation to climate change. Likewise, they are working on the analysis of the risks, vulnerabilities and impacts that climate change will have on them in the coming years, with the aim of beginning to outline the lines of action for the development of the SECAP.

Next November is scheduled for municipalities to make the first day of citizen participation to present this information to neighbours and get their assessment.


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