EuroVértice ally in Adaptation to Climate Change

EuroVértice ally in Adaptation to Climate Change

EuroVértice ally in Adaptation to Climate Change

What is Life Adaptate facing?

Urban areas are exposed to the consequences of climate change such as intense heat, rising sea levels, extreme precipitation, flooding, landslides, air pollution, food problems and water scarcity. Impacts intensify when there is damage to the provision of services, infrastructure and housing.

Population growth, coupled with climate change, make up a lethal sum that is already increasing risks to human health.

What will be done during the project?

Life Adaptate aims to increase the commitment of European municipalities to the new Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy through the development of local adaptation plans that will be integrated into the previous mitigation objectives of several municipalities, giving a comprehensive approach to the fight against climate change.

Life Adaptate’s main solution to the influence of climate change is to contribute to the development of adaptation policies at local level, as well as to the improvement of European policies aimed at adapting to climate change and meeting the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets, which seek to reduce greenhouse gases, improve energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable energies.

Results obtained

One of the first actions of the project was the adhesion of six European municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Sustainable Energy, a pact by which municipalities commit to carry out a SECAP.

As part of SECAP, and with the support of EuroVértice and the rest of the project partners, the six municipalities have analysed the different climate scenarios expected for the year 2100 and, with this information, have elaborated their analysis of risks and vulnerabilities, the first step in the elaboration of an adaptation plan.

The six SECAP that will be developed during the project will increase the resilience of municipalities to the threats of climate change, thus improving the quality of life of nearly 370,000 citizens.

The project has a total budget of 3,214,997 Euros and the contribution from the European Union is 1,763,487 Euros.

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