Europe Day

Europe Day

Today, 9 May, we commemorate the 68th anniversary of Robert Schuman’s speech and celebrate the peace and unity of the European continent.

I’ve always been fascinated by the European project. A common project of freedom to guarantee well-being, security and democracy to European citizens. A project that began being economic and that since the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992 has placed the citizens at the centre of it. We have managed to remove borders, have a common currency, increase our territorial cohesion, an Erasmus programme in which more than 4 million students have participated and more than 60 years of peace.

The problems of recent years: brexit, refugee crisis, increasing nationalism and xenophobia, the economic and financial crisis, among others, have made Europe tremble. Some says that the European Union is collapsing, that the project is exhausted. However, I believe that the European Union is more necessary today than ever. We need a strong Europe that helps to build a system of global democratic governance that is capable of tackling global problems such as climate change, poverty, immigration, promoting peace and sustainable development that makes a social economy possible.

A European project that does not only belong to our governments, but to all citizens. Twelve years ago we set up EuroVértice with a clear vocation and determination. To bring Europe closer to the citizens and the Region of Murcia. In recent years we have tried to promote and support innovation, sustainable development and integration projects through European programmes in order to foster a European feeling in our society and to promote European identity and belonging to a common project.

Today we present a new website through which we want to give a better service to our customers and partners to continue bringing Europe closer to citizens, institutions and businesses. The idea that moved us 12 years ago makes even more sense today than ever before. It is everyone’s responsibility to give Europe the impetus it must have to solve the great challenges we will face in the years to come. Let us all make Europe more and better.


Nuria Prior Arce
Executive Director
EuroVértice Consultants


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