ENI CBC Med Programme — Call for strategic projects

ENI CBC Med Programme — Call for strategic projects

ENI CBC Med Programme — Call for strategic projects

The new call for strategic projects within the Community Programme ENI CBC MED has been published with its available budget of 68,518,886.09 €.

Thematic priorities

A.1 Business and SME Development

A.1.1: Support for innovative start-ups and start-ups

A.1.2: Strengthening and supporting Euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value chains in traditional and non-traditional sectors

A.2 Support for education, research, technological development and innovation

A.2.1: Support for technology transfer and commercialisation of research results

A.3 Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty

A.3.1: Provide young people, especially NINIS and women with market skills.

B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

B.4.1: Water management – Supporting sustainable activities on innovative and technological solutions to increase efficiency in water management.

B.4.2: Waste treatment and recycling – Reduction of waste generation at municipal level, promotion of separate waste collection and its optimal use.

B.4.3: Renewable energy and energy efficiency – Support for innovative and cost-efficient energy rehabilitation of buildings (with special emphasis on public buildings) and climate zones.


The Programme’s contribution to projects may cover up to 90% of the total eligible costs of the project.

The remaining percentage, which may not be less than 10% of the total eligible costs of the project, must be covered by the project partners’ own resources, or by public and private sources other than the European Community budget or the European Development Fund, as a co-financing rate.


The total EU contribution to strategic projects must be between a minimum of €2.5 million and a maximum of €3.5 million.

The total cost of the project and the budget may not exceed 4 million euros, including co-financing.

At least 50% of the total eligible costs of the project will be devoted to activities implemented in Mediterranean partner countries.


The projects will last between 24 and 30 months.

Deadline for project submission 3 July 2019 at 13h (CET).

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