We support in energy efficiency improvement and the transition towards sustainability, in the mitigation of climate change and adaptation of our territories to its impacts

What do we do?

– Development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP).
– Development of innovative projects directed towards a Low Carbon Economy (LCE).
– Consultancy service to implement Energy Management Systems (ISO 50.001) in SMEs and public administrations.
– Drafting of local and regional adaptation plans to climate change.
– Design of Circular Economy Strategies.
– Fostering industrial symbiosis actions and determination of Carbon Footprint (CF) of products, services and organizations.

What can you achieve?

– Planification of municipal actions to encourage a systematic reduction of Green House Emissions (GEIs).
– Active participation in the Convenant of Mayors for the Climate and Energy.
– Maximize resilience to climate change challenges, reducing its impact on citizens.
– Costs and emissions reduction in energy facilities using low carbon technologies.
– Application of Carbon footprint (CF) as a edge over competitors.
– Costs reduction and improvement of the Corporate Social Responsability.
– Systematic procedure for continuous improvement of efficiency towards a low carbon economy model.
– Move towards a circular economy model, efficient use of resources, eco-design and improvement of environmental footprint.
Decrease the dependence on the fluctuation in the prices of non-renewable resources.



We have experience in the elaboration of municipal, multimunicipal and regional Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategies (ISUDS)

What do we do?

– Analysis of the starting situation.
– Elaboration of a diagnosis and identificaton of the main challenges.
– Development of mechanisms for online citizen participation and in-person.
– Design of the corporative image of the strategy.
– Assistance in the dissemination through the webpage and social networks.
– Promotion of horizontal coordination in your organization.
– Technical assistance in the definition of the guidelines.
Drafting of the proposal.
Budget preparation and potential European funding sources.
– Layout of your strategy for its submission.
– Management of the administrative documentation.

What can you achieve?

– A defined work plan to present the strategy in a timely manner.
– A future strategy that will guide the action of your entity in the coming years.
– Accurate information about the needs for the presentation of the proposal.
– Advice for the follow-up of the call.
– Support in the implementation and management of the strategy in case of being approved.



We develop participatory processes for the planning of public policies, budget management, services to citiziens, territorial & urban actions plans and regulatory implementation

What do we do?

Design of mechanisms to cover different degrees of public participation both online and in person.
Implementation of the designed mechanisms.
– Assistance in the dissemination through the webpage and social networks.
– Promotion of horizontal coordination and contribution to the construction of a more active citizenship .

What can you achieve?

– A defined work plan to implement the participative plan.
Accurate information about citizenship needs.
Guidance for monitoring citizen participation.
Social learning, construction of social fabric and creation and consolidation of networks.
– Improvement of citizen participation for the legitimation and implementation of public decisions.
– Guidance to develop policies based on the citizens needs.
– Increase confidence in institutions and establishment of links with the population.



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