Compete4SECAP: Implementation of the Energy Management System

Compete4SECAP: Implementation of the Energy Management System

Compete4SECAP: Implementation of the Energy Management System

The European project H2020 Compete4SECAP goes on its progress and is already in the implementation phase of the Energy Management System in four municipalities in the Region of Murcia, which will be certified under ISO 50001.

The standard is based on two fundamental principles: the most efficient use of available energy sources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it is based on the principle: Plan-Do-Check-Act and has as one of its pillars the continuous improvement.

EuroVértice works jointly with the municipalities of Ceutí, Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia and Cieza, for the correct implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001.

The standard has the following main objectives:

  • Develop and implement an energy policy and objectives that take into account legal requirements and significant energy uses.
  • Structured monitoring of energy performance to detect opportunities for improvement.
  • Leadership by the government team.
  • Context analysis, including internal and external circumstances: SWOT analysis.
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities.
  • Involve companies that provide services that affect energy performance.
  • Improve the awareness of the organisation’s staff.

In this way, it is being demonstrated that this standard, originally designed for implementation in companies that wish to implement an Energy Management System to help them improve their energy performance, can also be applied to local governments that aim to reduce their impact on the environment and the costs associated with energy consumption in their facilities.

The document ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EnMS) FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES, developed within the project framework, includes references to ISO 50001 and its application to a local authority. This document also includes a list of frequently asked questions that address common issues such as the choice of priority actions, what are the first steps, etc., as well as examples of other municipalities already certified.

The Compete4SECAP project aims, in this way, to help municipalities adhering to the Covenant of Mayors of the European Union to be active in their improvement of energy performance.

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