Co-creation to improve recycling of organic waste — Towards a circular economy model

Co-creation to improve recycling of organic waste — Towards a circular economy model

Co-creation to improve recycling of organic waste — Towards a circular economy model

Last April, EuroVértice held a participative workshop on “Contribution to organic recycling” in the municipality of Abarán.

This workshop was held within the framework of two European projects financed by the Horizon 2020 programme: CIRC4Life and LIVERUR. EuroVértice participates in the implementation of both projects by supporting the company S.A.T. ALIA and Asociación para el Desarrollo Rural Integrado de los Municipios de la Vega del Segura (ADRI)

During the workshop, Living Lab participatory techniques were implemented to define the pilot actions to be carried out in both projects.

The objective of the workshop was the co-creation of the most optimal solution for the recycling of organic waste in conjunction with the citizenship, within the framework of the collaborative recycling and reuse model of the CIRC4Life project.

The brown container for the recycling of organic waste will be present in all municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants before the end of 2020, as established by Law 22/2011. Anticipating regulation and developing effective solutions for its success is critical to moving towards a circular economy model.

The results obtained in the first workshop were presented to the local authorities of the municipality of Abarán in a second session, which served both to consolidate citizen proposals and to seek new possible solutions.

In the autumn of this year, new participation workshops will be held, in which the aim will be to co-create the most optimal solution in the territory in order to obtain the maximum added value from organic waste.

These workshops will take into account citizens, local companies and other social agents, who will first evaluate different options for the most optimal use of organic waste, such as the development of organic fertilizers or obtaining compost, and second study what will be the destination of this product obtained.

From EuroVértice we intend to collaborate in the transition towards a model of circular economy in the territory, which contributes to the improvement of the development of the Region of Murcia. If you are interested in having more information contact us.

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