Approved EU Funds for Logistic Activity Zone in Cartagena

Approved EU Funds for Logistic Activity Zone in Cartagena

Approved EU Funds for Logistic Activity Zone in Cartagena

Another project has been obtained EuroVertice who works with the Port of Authority of Cartagena – leader of the , and Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia (INFO), to remove the bottlenecks that prevent Cartagena port connection to the main network and the improvement of urban traffic.

This project aims to optimize integration and interconnection of transport nodes in enhancing interoperability of transport services and ensuring transport infrastructure. Through the combined efforts of these three agencies, the project shall develop studies, plans, and programs necessary to the development of the Logistics Activities Area and Intermodal Terminal in the city of Cartagena.

These feasibility studies on the said locations focus on the development of the most appropriate plan in connecting the port of Cartagena and the Mediterranean axis of the main European rail network. It is part of the overall project to build an intermodal station and logistics zone in Cartagena for the integration of maritime transportation with road-rail freight transportation. The project’s forthcoming success shall greatly contribute to the improvement of Cartagena’s core network and urban transport circuits by addressing and eliminating the city’s current transportation issues.

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