Projects Volume

Over 50 projects approved, financed and executed thanks to the work of our team of experts support the achievements of EuroVértice.

EuroVértice has a team of experts in the areas of international cooperation, communication and legal issues, ensuring the correct orientation of the projects presented and their relevance regarding the objectives and priorities of each European programme.

One of the strengths of EuroVértice is its capability to support project management. EuroVértice has extensive and successful experience in the management and monitoring of projects, supporting clients from the preparation of the proposal until the end of the administrative formalities, offering a comprehensive project management.

Proyecto desconocido - grupo y paneles

In addition, the extensive network of over 500 contacts and over 230 active partners currently working with EuroVértice guarantee the success of the organization and management of European partnerships, an essential condition for the approval of projects.

If you have a project idea in which a service, product or process is innovatively developed, but do not really know how to make it happen, or if you want to participate in a project that is already planned to contribute your experience and know-how and learn through collaboration with partners from different countries of the European Union, the support of EuroVértice will increase your chances of success.

More than 30 projects implemented

Companies, universities, technology and research centres

Public administration and third sector

Public administration

Companies and public administration