EuroVértice collaborates in the diagnosis to implement the Circular Economy Strategy of the Region of Murcia

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  • November 23, 2017

The government of the Region of Murcia approved in September the start-up for the development of the Circular Economy Strategy of the Region of Murcia (ESECIRM). EuroVértice has been selected to work on the preparation of the initial diagnosis on which the actions of the strategy will be based.

This work is carried out by identifying organizations, initiatives and projects linked to the key aspects of the Circular Economy that are being developed in our region. To this end, meetings are held with agents involved in order to obtain the necessary information for the diagnosis. EuroVértice also contributes with its knowledge about European policies in this field, as well as detecting possible regional actions to be carried out within the framework of the different European funding programs.

The circular economy model is a concept developed by the American architect William McDonough and the German chemist Michael Braungart in the 90s, and is based on a unified philosophy for the development of products and systems, through the implementation of a protocol sustainable design, capable of changing the design of the world as we know it. All this on the basis that the current economic model, based on a linear economy, in which resources are extracted, products are manufactured and consumed, and what remains is considered waste and is eliminated, is an unsustainable model in the short and medium term.

The Circular Economy aims to reverse these flows, which bring the products to the landfill, completely, returning them to the productive chains, which implies a loop management of all material and energy resources. That is, the design of the products must have material resources capable of working in a loop during the life cycle of our products and their value chains, minimizing the waste generated.

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