World Environment Day

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  • June 05, 2018

Today we celebrate the World Environment Day. An auspicious day to stir our consciences and encourage everyone to change our habits as they may result in a direct benefit on the environment, increasingly affected.

During the past few days, an important number of information has appeared in the media with a pessimistic approach to the situation defending the idea that there is nothing to celebrate on this day.

We are all aware of the impact that the human being is causing on the planet and our environment, the space we need to develop our existence. The human condition itself and the consumption habits that led us having consequences on the environment that are beginning to be dramatic: cetaceans and other animals beings killed by ingestion of plastic bags, affection to wetlands that make them incompatible with life , limits of environmental pollution continually exceeded in large cities, etc.

These cases are so striking that they have a direct impact on society, so we find ourselves at the moment of history in which citizens are the most interested party in environmental problems (official data from the CIS). Perhaps this interest is not accompanied by greater awareness, and fewer change in habits, but the fact of showing interest is already a very important first step, and only for this, the day deserves a celebration. A celebration that encourages the human being to continue taking steps, and with the urgency that the matter requires, towards a change of attitude towards the use of resources and their impact on the environment.

There are many environmental challenges that we face. But it is, without doubt, climate change, the most important challenge that humanity has ever faced. The effects of this change in climate are already happening and it is in our hands to act actively in its fight to reduce carbon emissions, being more efficient in the use of energy and taking advantage of the renewable resources that nature puts at our disposal.

But, in addition, it is essential to adapt our cities so that we can all live with this transformation in the climate that is already occurring. Actions related to the generation of shadows in the cities, drainage areas to avoid floods and the planting of native species are the subject of the LIFE Adaptate project in which EuroVértice participates.

The efficient use of natural resources, increasingly scarce, leads us without remedy from one linear economy model to another in which the value of these resources is maintained over time for more than one life cycle. This is the circular economy, in which EuroVértice has been working for years and whose model is being implemented in the meat industry thanks to the CIRC4Life project. We also collaborate with the Regional Circular Economy Strategy, which aims to be a starting point for this holistic transformation towards an infinitely more sustainable model.

The marine environment is showing us the harshest image of the environmental impact produced by the man. In this sense, EuroVértice participates in various projects related to good practices for sustainable fishing, the protection of marine areas, the fight against underwater noise and invasive species, etc.

Scientists speak of this age of humanity as of the Anthropocene, the first epoch in the history of the world in which man has been able to change the course of nature on our planet. Many speak of a dystopian future, pessimistic about its future and the inheritance that future generations will receive.

From EuroVértice always work actively in the defense of the environment, acting on our territory and disseminating the knowledge developed with our projects to change consciousness and habits, it is everyone’s responsibility to correct the impacts already caused and deliver our children a better planet than the current one.

José Pablo Delgado Marín

EuroVértice Consultores S.L.