Keys to sucess in LIFE call 2018

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  • May 03, 2018

On April 18th, the LIFE Programme call was published for this year 2018.


LIFE is the EU’s flagship tool to finance actions that have a direct impact on improving the environment and the climate.


The call is increasingly focused on projects that contemplate solutions close to the market, therefore, the participation of private entities and projects that are close to the market and ready to receive investment is encouraged.


The development on a larger scale and the reproduction of the results obtained as a means to guarantee the sustainability of the projects is also considered fundamental.


From this call onwards, the orientation towards the results is reinforced, and it is an essential requirement to produce measurable effects on the environment or climate change in all the priority areas.


The most important innovation is, undoubtedly, the simplification of the procedures for requesting funding, by launching a two-phase application procedure for the projects of the subprogramme Environment and Efficiency in the Use of Resources. In the first stage, it will only be necessary to submit a summary document (11 pages). If this phase is passed, propject proposal will be invited to present the complete proposal, with more financing options.


LIFE finances up to 55% of the total eligible costs of the project, in the categories of personnel, external assistance, equipment, infrastructure, prototype, consumables, other expenses and indirect costs. In the case of Nature and Biodiversity projects, the co-financing of the EU can reach up to 60% (and 75% if the project has as its object species and habitats of priority interest).


The typology of projects is defined by the subprogram and priority area in which the actions are framed:


Sub-Programme Priority area Project type
Environment Environment and Resource Efficiency Demonstration and pilot
Nature and Biodiversity Best practices

Demonstration and pilot

Goverance and Environmental Information Information, raise of awareness and dissemination
Climate Action Mitigation of Climate Change Best practices

Demonstration and pilot

Adaptation to Climate Change Best practices

Demonstration and pilot

Goverance and Climate Information Information, raise of awareness and dissemination


Within each priority area, the call marks priority issues. Projects that address these issues receive a higher score according to the selection criteria.


The thematic priorities are within the following sectors:

  • LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency
  1. Water and marine environment
  2. Waste
  3. Efficiency in resources, including soils and forests, and circular economy
  4. Environment and health, including chemicals and noise
  5. Air quality and emissions, including urban environment
  • LIFE Climate Change Mitigation
  1. Reduction of Greenhouse Gases in sectors not subject to the Emissions Rights Regime.
  2. Improvement of greenhouse gas emissions in large industries.
  3. Fluorinated gases, their alternatives and adaptation of standards to these alternatives.
  4. Uses of the soil and its variations and forest management.

For adaptation

  1. Cross-border management of floods
  2. Transfrontier coastal management
  3. Urban adaptation and territorial planning.
  4. Inclusion in land management, urbanization and natural resources policies of adaptive approaches
  5. Resilience of infrastructures.
  6. Sustainable water management (drought, littoral and floods).
  • LIFE Nature and biodiversity

For nature

  1. Natura 2000 Spaces
  2. Species and habitats
  3. Marine projects

For biodiversity

  1. Prevention of the net loss of biodiversity and ecosystem resources.
  2. Endangered species and habitats
  3. Green infrastructures and connectivity
  4. Fight against invasive species

EuroVértice, who is an expert in the LIFE Program, will participate in the Information and Networking event scheduled for 4 May in Brussels to work on new projects and collaborate with our network on projects with high added value.

If you require further information from EuroVértice, write to us in the contact section or phone us at +34 968277845.