International call for the innovation – Innovoucher

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Innovoucher has just opened a call for the companies located in the project participating regions  Murcia, Flandes (Belgium), Marche (Italy), Rumania and Poland.

EuroVértice wrote the European project Innovoucher, within H2020 Programme leaded by the Regional Development Agency of Murcia.

SMEs, self-employed professionals and business associations of Murcia Region belonging to the following sectors: Agro-food, Water and Environment, Logistics, Habitat, Energy and Marine are able to ask for their voucher before 15th June 2018. More information on the call and participation requirements at:

Approved EU Funds for Logistic Activity Zone in Cartagena

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Another project has been obtained EuroVertice who works with the Port of Authority of Cartagena – leader of the , and Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia (INFO), to remove the bottlenecks that prevent Cartagena port connection to the main network and the improvement of urban traffic.

This project aims to optimize integration and interconnection of transport nodes in enhancing interoperability of transport services and ensuring transport infrastructure. Through the combined efforts of these three agencies, the project shall develop studies, plans, and programs necessary to the development of the Logistics Activities Area and Intermodal Terminal in the city of Cartagena.

These feasibility studies on the said locations focus on the development of the most appropriate plan in connecting the port of Cartagena and the Mediterranean axis of the main European rail network. It is part of the overall project to build an intermodal station and logistics zone in Cartagena for the integration of maritime transportation with road-rail freight transportation. The project’s forthcoming success shall greatly contribute to the improvement of Cartagena’s core network and urban transport circuits by addressing and eliminating the city’s current transportation issues.

More information on projects approved, just clicking here 


EuroVértice expert in UIA supports Lorca Open City

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Urban Innovative Actions is a European Initiative that helps cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to implement breakthrough solutions to meet the main challenges facing European cities and which offers 80% funding for projects up to 6 millions of euros. EuroVértice specializes in this program and other calls for integrated urban development, as we have a multidisciplinary and innovative team in the social, environmental, energy and urban areas.

The City of Lorca has relied on EuroVértice for the preparation and presentation of the Open City project within the priority of immigrants and refugees and that fosters coexistence and shared spaces. Yesterday, we worked with the University of Murcia, Cepaim, Cruz Roja Lorca, Cazalla Intercultural, partners in the project and all the key players in the intervention area, we analyzed the main aspects of the project presented based on co-writing with contributions expressed by all participants and more than 30 collectivities in the area and the experiences and knowledge of the participating partners who together with EuroVértice collaborated in this joint project.

In this second call, 206 proposals have been submitted, less than in the previous one that were 378 and has a similar budget to the previous one in which 17 projects were approved. The proposed date to communicate results is October 2017 and there are still 3 new calls that will take place in the coming years and in which we hope to continue working.

More information:

EuroVértice will participate by designing SECAPs within LIFE ADAPTATE Project

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EuroVértice has attended the LIFE ADAPTATE presentation, a project approved in the last LIFE Programme call of European Union for a ‘Climate Change Adaptation’.

The main objective of LIFE ADAPTATE is to improve policies and legislation associated to mitigation and adaptation of Climate Change in the European Union, especially to design the process and implementation of local adaptation policies together with the design of specific adaptations in each municipality, taking into account the challenges presented by each one.

This project, leaded by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (INFO) with EuroVértice as a partner, will implement Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) in 6 municipalities from 3 countries. Some measures developed in these plans will be implemented, its application will be monitored and the methodology, tools and results will be transfered all over Europe.

LIFE ADAPTATE will apply an innovative methodology to develop SECAPs in six municipalities in Spain, Latvia and Portugal. Three of these plans will be carried out in the municipalities Águilas, Lorca and Cartagena which are partners at national level together with EuroVértice, the Region of Murcia (OISMA) and INFO (as project leader).

EuroVértice will mainly work to support the implementation of SECAPs with an innovative participatory methodology and the performing of key communication actions. EuroVértice will also support the different partners in the management and administration of the project.

The total project budget is 3.214.997 Euros and the European Union will contribute with 1.763.487 Euros.


EuroVértice will work to improve climate governance and contribute to the climate change mitigation in the vineyards of Murcia Region through the LIFE Sarmiento Project

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20160831 Viñedo
Recently the Project LIFE Sarmiento has been approved by the European Commission. It is going to be coordinated by Microgaia Biotech, a company established in Murcia. EuroVértice and Virgen del Rosario Cooperative are going to be associated partners. The duration of the Project will be 51 months and it will have a budget of 835.020 euros, with a 60% co-funding rate.

20160831 Co2

The project will work to reduce CO2 emissions in the vineyards of the region. These emissions are produced by the burning of prunings, as farmers have not found a better solution so far. The project proposes the conversion of these prunings in substrates for soil improvement using more efficient composting techniques based on the use of microorganisms. In addition, a system of wine shoots collection, management and distribution of the substrate will be established at a very low cost. This substrate will be used also in urban gardens and seedbeds.

EuroVértice will be responsible for project monitoring, which plans to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 85%, as well as designing the transfer strategy of the solution to other European cooperatives, and the communication of results to achieve a wide replicability of the technologies developed, involving users to manage the system on their own (with training activities, outreach events, etc.).

We will keep you informed of the progress of this project, which expects to achieve positive effects on climate change mitigation, the improvement of soil conditions and a greener land management.
20160831 Sarmiento

FREMM obtains its first EU project with the support of EuroVértice

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20160525_ElectricVehicleIn 2014, EuroVértice and FREMM signed a cooperation agreement that meant the presentation last week of the project “Innovation Network for electric mobility”. FREMM is the only representative in Spain and the project will allow for the design of the European Curriculum aimed at electric car mechanics that will be funded by Erasmus +  Programme for a period of 2 years.

More information: FREMM