The concept of EuroVértice emerged in 2000 when three of the founding partners met on an university course on Relations with the European Union. There they faced the unique challenges of what would later be their main occupation: European funding and projects that make real the objectives related to the needs of European institutions and citizens.

After a long career in private consulting in their fields of specialization and motivated by the firm conviction that the needs of their customers could be better served, they decided in 2006 to face the challenge of joining forces, leaving their jobs and rejecting international opportunities to start a business in their home region, Murcia.

The initial team consisted of two engineers, a lawyer and a English philologist. A heterogeneous group, but sharing professional and personal histories marked by a constant search for creating innovative synergies, which can be seen in career profiles that demonstrate genuine creative and adaptation to change skills.

EuroVértice continues to expand its sphere of activity from former European programmes to many other such as Interreg Europe, LIFE+, Horizon 2020, MED, ENI, Erasmus+, etc.

EuroVértice and its star began its journey, not without difficulties which, by the way, had strengthen it, by managing a single European project, then progressing until today, when the company manages more than 12 at a time, in very different community initiatives and still expanding horizons.

Career- Montage

Along the way, EuroVértice has worked with numerous professionals, consolidating knowledge and experience. A permanent self-criticism of the work done has enabled a level of quality that guarantees the resolution of the issues associated with the adventure of international cooperation, in which experience, direct contact with the client and professionalism are paramount.

In its years of experience, EuroVértice has expanded its interdisciplinary skills with energy, environmental, communication and legal experts.

Adapting to change has been one of the keys to EuroVértice success, from the work as independent experts to the teamwork methodology, from telecommuting to the move of the headquarters into the Murcia Science Park. A meteoric rise for a company with 10 years of formal career and many more of experience as a team.

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