Awards and Alliances

“Equality Company – Murcia 2013” Award

Murcia City Council (March 2013)

The Mayor of Murcia, Mr. Miguel Ángel Cámara, awarded on 8 March to the company EuroVértice Consultants the annual prize for leading companies in the implementation of equality policies in their management.

This event highlights actions and initiatives carried out in small and large companies in the city which demonstrates a strong commitment in the promotion of greater respect between sexes and real gender equality.


EuroVértice rewarded for their participation in the project COLUMBUS

Foto de grupoEuroVértice received a diploma for their participation in the European COLUMBUS project, funded by the European Commission, which aims to promote training, networking and exchange of experiences between European entrepreneurs, fostering SMEs and start-ups entrepreneurship, internationalization and competitiveness in the EU.

Our company hosted a young Italian entrepreneur, with whom ties have been established for future cooperation on European consulting and now, after the exchange period, has moved to Brussels to work in the European Parliament.

The experience has been very enriching for both parties and our company is interested in continuing the collaboration with INFO and CEEIM in conducting future actions to host and create synergies with other young European entrepreneurs.

Euro-Mediterranean Network

Red euromediterránea - grupoEuroVértice participates in an Euro-Mediterranean network that has among its objectives to foster Mediterranean North-South dialogue and cooperation, to promote democratic governance systems for the integral development of countries, to implement and promote development tools and create a critical mass involving continuous improvement of public policies within the territorial development.


Phorma Mentis

Phorma Mentis

since July 13, 2015

EuroVértice has established a cooperation with Phorma Mentis, an Italian consultancy firm, for the development of international innovative projects with European funding in the fields of employment, adult education, lifelong Learning, interregional cooperation, agriculture, food security, environment, energy efficiency, tourism, culture, etc.


European Business and Innovation Centre of Murcia

since December 12, 2011, renewed in January 2013
  • Information on European initiatives aimed at technology-based companies located in the CEEIM.
  • CEEIM participation in European initiatives.
  • Communication and dissemination activities necessary for the promotion of this activity: newsletters, lectures, etc.
University of Murcia

University of Murcia

since November 30, 2011
  • Internship.

Polytechnic University of Cartagena

since September 28, 2011
  • To support initiatives related to the European Union and participation in projects.

Young Entrepreneurs Association of Murcia

since April 14, 2011
  • Information for partners on initiatives related to participation in European projects and other EU programmes.
  • Development of mini-bulletins and briefings.
Catholic University of Murcia

Catholic University of Murcia

since December 16, 2009
  • Internship.

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Public administration

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